Find two parts of JöTek - The manufacturer of high pressure power packs for worldwide sales and the distributor of hydraulic tools and products in Sweden/scandinavia.

The manufacturer

JöTek designs their own air driven pumps up to 7000 bar. The heart - the pump - is maid by SC Hydraulics or other pump supplier.

The brain is our own developed MDS valve - stands for Manovering, Distribution and Safety. The valve is air controlled.

Our power packs are know for having all instrumentation easy to view and handle.

JöTek has a standard programme but built mainly the pumps upon customers requirement, like two oil containers, two outlets, two pumps, digital pressure reading, two different inlets which makes it possible to have two presettings if standard air regulators are used or even up to 16 different presettings with electronic air regulators in all possible combinations and requests. Give us your requirments and we suggest a solution based upon experience.

Among our clients you find offshore companies, Oil companies, etc.

Contact us info@jotek.se


We sell in the swedish market through a lot of dealers and our web shop, the BVA Hydraulics - like cylinders. pumps, etc.


Contact Gelins-KGK AB, info@jotek.se